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The diagnosis is made on the basis of patient complaints, subjective and objective examination. Additionally, X-ray and radiovisiography of the affected tooth is performed. It is necessary to differentiate common toothache from other diseases. Swelling of the jaw and inflammation of the maxillary sinus can cause pain that is similar to toothache with caries and periodontitis.


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Treatment tactics depend on the cause of the pain. So, if the cause is pulpitis, then the pulp is removed with subsequent filling of the canals. But if a toothache occurs at night or when it is impossible to receive qualified dental care, it is necessary to stop the pain syndrome. First of all, you need to brush your teeth and free carious cavities from food debris. It is better to limit food intake, as food debris can provoke a new attack of toothache. Shows the rinsing of the affected tooth with a warm soda solution. ibuprofen, metamizole sodium, acetylsalicylic acid and any other analgesic taken internally will help relieve an attack of toothache. Tablets should not be applied to the affected tooth, as this can cause a chemical burn to the mucous membrane.

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Folk remedies based on the beneficial effects of herbs and plants can relieve a toothache for a while if it started, for example, on a hike. A plantain root applied to a tooth will relieve a toothache. Another effective remedy for relieving toothache in such conditions is finely chopped garlic, wrapped in gauze and applied to the wrist of the hand, from the side of which the tooth hurts. Alcohol is not an analgesic, and taking alcohol in combination with drugs can cause complications.

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Acupressure or acupuncture can quickly relieve an attack of toothache, which will give you time to visit the dentist. It is necessary to press on the depression between the nose and the upper lip. The toothache may go away, but the underlying cause will remain. And, if caries is the cause of the toothache, then the pain will come back from viagra. As the carious disease progresses, its intensity increases. Toothache with periodontitis resumes after the end of the analgesic action. Therefore, the above methods are first viagra aid measures for acute toothache, and further treatment tactics depend on the underlying disease.

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